About Armor Headsets


Armor headsets are designed with European styling and uncompromising sound quality. The Armor name really says it all: Armor guarantees durability, symbolizes reliability and redefines quality.

Noise Cancellation
Unbeatable Prices

Our headsets and accessories are inter-operable with either of Plantronics or Jabra headsets, adapters and cables to ensure that Armor Professional Headsets has a solution that is right for you. Explore our headsets, cords, bundles, and accessories. You can find a kit suited for your requirements by using filters on the bundles!


Armor's History



Released Armor Liberté Wireless Office Headsets

Released Armor TelPro and TelPro Gold Wired Office Headsets

Redesigned Armor Website

Released Armor TelPro Series (1200 & 2200). It is durable, advanced noise-cancelling, and highly interoperable. GN/Jabra and Plantronics quick disconnect options make switching easier for call centers. Begins phasing out previous models.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why do these headsets need adapters?
Due to incompatibility between different telephone brands, each headset connector cable must be wired to meet the needs of the telephone model it is connecting to. To increase the functionality and reusability of your headset, we are using a standard modular headset design, where the cable and headset are two separate components. For convenience, we’ve created kits which include the headset and adapter for the telephone or computer application.
How long should I expect my headset to last?
A typical Armor headset can last many years of regular use. However, a headset may fail due to unforeseen and somewhat unpredictable reasons. To safeguard our customers from these unexpected issues, all Armor headsets come with a two-year warranty, against any manufacturing defects or failures.
Should I get a single-ear headset or double-ear headset?
It depends on your work environment and if you believe that you will be distracted by background noise. In most cases, headset users prefer single-ear headsets, since they allow for greater office awareness and the ability to speak with clients and co-workers in the office, without removing the headset. However, if office loudness or noise distractions reduce your ability to work efficiently on the telephone, you should consider using a double-ear headset.